Service Choice

As a Strata Real Estate Services client you get:

1. Fixed Price Agreement at a reduced rate
2. Your own secure Private Scheme Website.
3. Service Choice - the choice of service level that suits your needs

Service Choice allows you to customise the management you need, saving you time and money, by selecting either:

Full Service Management
Ideal for those schemes who require or want a comprehensive and professional management service in all areas – finance, repairs and maintenance and meetings.
Assisted Service Management
Designed for schemes of all sizes who have a care taker on site or an active and capable individual to handle their own repairs yet require a Manager at their meetings to undertake professional financial management, and maintain records.
DIY (Do It Yourself) Service Management
Ideal for owners in a self-managed scheme or owners in a scheme (of any size) who prefer to arrange their own repairs and convene their own meetings – yet require professional and expert financial management.

Only Strata Real Estate Services can deliver this revolutionary interactive service that is your complete strata management solution. It makes the whole process of strata management far easier than ever before, for the committee responsible for managing a scheme, as well as for all owners within a scheme.

Access Choice gives you the flexibility to select how you want to interact with us at anytime, saving you time and money
Online Access – use your Strata Manage IT website
Direct Access – use your established procedure eg contact a repairer directly and send us the approved invoice
Traditional Access – use us to do the work – call, phone, fax, email

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